Dr. Péter Ambrus and dr. Zsolt Dukkon, two attorneys with significantly different  background and professional experiences, exploited these differences to their advantage and have established an effective form of co-operation that utilizes the latest achievements of modern technology and that enables the law offices to provide clients, in one single location, with a wide variety of services on different fields of law including, for instance, white collar criminal law, civil law and administrative law as well.

The main areas of expertise are as follows: data protectioncriminal law, family law, real estate law, compensation/insurance, commercial law, administrative law, traffic law, labour law (including outsourcing), litigation, corporations law.


Besides the purpose to efficiently meet customer demands, the main reason that brought together the two law offices is an attitude shared and declared by both:


“Problems exist so that we can solve them – quickly, in a customer friendly and effective way.”