We enforce our clients’ claims against the individual who caused the damage and in most cases against insurance companies, too. In this field there are significant contractual compensation claims as well under different types of insurances. These are mainly vehicle liability and vehicle property insurances, but real estate property insurances or property insurances covering other kind of valuable assets are important as well. Life and accident insurances, enforcement of claims arising from professional liability insurances, in particular medical malpractice shall be mentioned.


If the insurance company denies to fulfil its contractual obligations despite the occurance of the insured event, our law offices are ready to help to clients to receive the compensation or other services set out in the contract, as soon as possible and with the client's minimum involvment.


In the course of the negotiations with the insurance companies our goal is to reach out-of-court settlemnet in an amicable way, but, if necessary, we enforce our clients' claims before the courts, too.