Since family law strongly affects privacy, our goal is to ensure that it is the parties and not the court that decides in matters influencing the daily life of the parties. Accordingly, in all cases where it seems to be realistic, we attempt to reach an out-of court settlement between the parties.


Among issues related to divorce or split of life partnerships the most disputed ones are child custody, custodial right of the parent living separately and the separation of the common assets. We, too, meet these issues the most often in our praxis. At the same time we are aware that in these cases the involvement of the attorney is not necessarily enough, in order to reach agreements that adequately represent both parties’ interests it is extremely important to involve, if necessary, a third expert (e.g. an appraiser/a person with asset management knowledge) to decide about fundamental issues (e.g. for evaluating the value of real estates, other assets, shareholdings).